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  • Otolaryngology Unit
  • Your intelligence and words language of your is a mirror for your natural hearing
  • Tests, diagnosis and treatment of hearing impaired of all ages
  • Tests and diagnosis and treatment of the ear’s severe and colds infections as well as chronic infections
  • Tinnitus tests, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Cochlea test and Acoustic palsy nerve screening
  • Acoustic survey of newborn babies
  • Eustachian tube functions tests.
  • Prescription of the appropriate medical hearing aids for all ages
  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and unbalance for all ages
  • Rehabilitation sessions for dizziness and unbalance cases
  • Screening and diagnosis of facial paralysis cases
  • Rehabilitation programs for delayed speech and pronunciation disorders (Language delay, verbal disorders, stuttering, nasal and resonance voice)
  • Disorders resulting from hyperactivity, attention Deficit and autism
  • Training sessions and rehabilitation of hearing impaired patients (using hearing aids and cochlear implants)